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The ABC Tv Series From 1988



Would you like to be able to buy a copy of the two season series on DVD? Our 6 years of work finally paid off now that both seasons are available on DVD (see links below). We convinced ABC and Paramount Home Video (who owns the rights) that there is enough of a market to produce a DVD release.

We received 1075 names on our list during the 6 years it was active.
Thank you all for your support! We couldn’t have done it without you!

News and Updates

Our work is done! (added 2/5/2012)
The first of the two 1988-98 seasons was released last year and the second season will be released at the end of this month. Direct links to order on Amazon: Season 1 - Season 2. Enjoy!

The 1988 season to be released (added 9/16/2011)
According to Paramount, the first of the two 1988-98 seasons is scheduled to be released on November 29, 2011. The box will include the first 19 episodes with a total running time of 923 minutes, available on 5 DVDs. Pre-ordering is available here. Thank you Michael Smith for submitting the news!

Still waiting (added 2/16/2011)
In spite of our best efforts, there is still no 1988 seasons scheduled for release. It has now been 2 years since the last season of the 1966 series was released. Meanwhile, there are ways to get a hold of televised recordings of the 1988 series. Please contact me for more information.

New domain (added 2/16/2011)
The Mission Impossible 1988 Web site has moved to its own domain as of today. Visitors to the previous URL will be automatically redirected.

2010 Submission (added 6/1/2010)
There were not enough entries on the list last year to resubmit it to ABC and Paramount, however, I hope that by august we’ll have plenty and I will make one last attempt to submit the list. The last season of the 1966 series has been released, but there is no 1988 seasons to buy yet and it doesn’t look like they are in the making.

The passing of Peter Graves (added 3/14/2010)
Today we sadly learned that Peter Graves (Jim Phelps in the Mission Impossible series) has passed away at the age of 83. Our condolences to his family. Peter Graves is the third cast member to pass away, following Bob Johnson and Tony Hamilton.

Next Submission (added 5/12/2009)
I will be sending the list again to ABC and Paramount during this summer. Make sure you sign the list now! By the way, season 6 of 7 of the original 1966 series was released on 4/28/2009, which means that the 1988 series releases will be at least 2 years away if they keep up the same release schedule with one new season per year.

Copies available at iOffer (added 7/23/2008)
Several seasons of the original Mission: Impossible 1960-70 TV series are now available on DVD. However, still no news regarding the 1988 series. There is a huge market for the 1988 series, which is currently being served by DVD copies of original recordings from the ABC broadcasts. I’ve seen these copies on a few trading communities, probably most actively at iOffer.com. Though I do not encourage this kind of purchase, due to the lack of response from ABC and Paramount, I can on the other hand not blame eager FMI fans for wanting to enjoy a TV series that meant so much to so many.

New Submission (added 7/23/2008)
There has been no response from ABC or Paramount on the submission we did last year. For that reason, I’m planning a new submission in a couple of months, so please sign the list meanwhile. The more names we can get on the list, the better!

Submission (added 10/4/2007)
The list was submitted today with nearly 300 names on it. It was sent both to ABC as well as to Paramount Pictures.

A Delayed Submission (added 9/8/2007)
I was unable to submit the list as I had planned last year, but as a strike of faith the response during the last couple of months have been truly amazing! I’m now planning to send the list to ABC and Paramount Home Video on October 1st, 2007. Make sure you sign up and tell your friends before I send the list! We are close to 300 names and I’m hoping they will take it to their hearts (or their wallets!) to start working on a release.

Great Response (added 6/4/2006)
During the few months the list has been online I’ve gotten a huge amount of response from people all over the world that wants to help us get the VHS/DVD release. Thank you all!

$340 for an Unofficial Release! (added 5/2/2006)
One of the many IMF 1988 fans sent me a screen shot (click here to see it), taken from an Ebay auction not long ago. Someone paid $340 to get a simple DVD copy of a VHS recording of the 1988 series! The screen shot will be included in the list I’ll be sending to ABC and Paramount, letting them know that there are such a great demand on the market for these discs that customers are willing to pay ridicules amounts for old VHS copies. Thank you John for the screen shot.

Answers to questions you might have:

  • Why the 1988 Tv series?
    I’m one of the many fans that prefer the 1988 series over the original one from 1966. I think I’m part of the next generation IMF fans. :)
  • Why now?
    I’ve been waiting for a release for the last 10 years and I think it’s time to do something about it.
  • Do you think the project will be successful?
    Yes, I’m sure of it. If not I wouldn’t have started this project in the first place. But everyone needs to make a contribution if we want this to happen! Together we can make it!
  • What more can I do?
    Any help is appreciated. Apart from the 3 ways listed above, there is so much more you can do to make a difference! Call or writing ABC/Paramount is always a good deal, linking to us is another way of helping. More links means better positions on search engines and more people that can find us!
  • What are the future plans for this site?
    A great way of helping is to send me material and news to put on this site. That way it can grow and become a meeting place for IMF 1988 fans all over the world. One of the things that could mean a lot is a forum for discussions on IMF 1988 subjects. My company would sponsor the installation and hosting of the forum, but we need someone to coordinate and manage it. Is that someone you?
  • What if I don’t want to buy the VHS or DVD, but would still like to support the project?
    There is a radio button selection on the form that lets you choose if you’d be interested in buying the VHS or DVD release when it becomes available.
  • Are there other projects like this?
    The only one I know of is located at TVShowsOnDVD.com, which currently reports that no releases are scheduled by Paramount or ABC.

Here are some useful links to sites with information on the Mission Impossible 1988 ABC Tv Series:

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